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10 Eco-friendly Ways to Make Your Office Environment More Sustainable.

The office is a place many of us spend a significant amount of time in, both in a commercial setting and at home. The way we run our offices, beginning with our individual workspace, can have a compounding effect on our environment. We may not think so each moment we are in work-mode, but there are many factors that affect the use of energy. Small changes in our work life can amount to a significant impact on the world around us.

In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the ways you can make your office more sustainable. From selecting the right office furniture to choosing sustainable cleaning products, we'll explore a few easy ways to make your workspace eco-friendlier.

Encourage Your others to Be Eco-conscious

Eco-consciousness starts at the top. You can lead by example and encourage your employees or co-workers to be more eco-conscious through your daily actions.

Today, where everything is neatly packaged and advertised to look good on social media, we've come to expect more from our offices. But when was the last time you asked yourself these questions?

Do you bring a reusable water bottle to work? Do you take public transportation or car-pool to work? Is your tech sustainable? Do you have smart automations set?

These are all small things that can add up to big eco-friendly changes in your office.

Your employees or coworkers will be more likely to adopt sustainable habits if they see leadership making an effort. You can start by bringing your own bag to the office and asking others to do the same.

Invest in sustainable supplies

Have you ever looked at your breakroom? Chances are there you’ll find, plastic cups, plates, to name a few. Although we’re trying to create convenience for others, we’re also jeopardizing the planet by creating potential garbage.

Because we lack an effective recycling system, your plastic usage ends up in a landfill and oceans anyway.

Encouraging others to bring reusable cutlery and other materials can ensure you’re doing your part to creating a more sustainable environment.

Recycle More

We all know that we're supposed to recycle more, but very few of us actually do it. This can make a big difference in the amount of plastic that makes its way into the


You can encourage others to recycle more by setting an example.

If you're not a fan of recycling bins, you can also try using cork boards, canvas bags, or simply hanging up your plastic bags.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Equipment

Your office equipment must be efficient if it's going to save you money on your electric bill.

In some parts of the country, you may see higher electric bills during the summer months. This is particularly problematic if you live in a hot climate where you require air conditioning to stay cool.

You can find out how much your specific equipment uses by taking a look at your utility bills. From there, you can make adjustments to reduce your energy usage to lower levels. Also knowing how old your equipment is would be a definite factor of who's the energy-hogger.

Switch to LED Lights

LED lights use 85% less energy than regular light bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.

You can replace your old lights with energy-efficient LED lights that use no power when they're off. This conserves electricity and prevents your light bulbs from burning out before their time.

You can also invest in energy-efficient light fixtures to make your office spaces seem brighter with less lightbulbs.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Many modern homes come with a programmable thermostat that lets you adjust the temperature to your liking.

Your office can benefit from this kind of automation as well. By installing a programmable thermostat in your home, you can set it to a more sustainable temperature for when you're at work.

This reduces the amount of energy you use and helps the environment.

Smart Home/Office

Do you have a smartphone? Then you already have the first stage of automation. Remember how we spoke about investing in energy-efficient equipment? You’ll most likely be getting smart features already included.

With A.I. powered services like Google and Alexa, you can connect your devices to work in harmony. Need to turn your AC down without having to walk up to it? How about having all lights to turn on/off automatically or by voice?

The potential for automation is limitless and can potentially save you time and money.

Go gloves-free

Do you operate a labor intense environment? Your supplies may not be sustainable. Take for example, gloves. Gloves are rarely made from sustainable materials, and they usually end up in the garbage after one use. Ditch the gloves and instead, wear gloves made from hemp or recycled materials. Helps keep your hands healthy and your mind clear.

Cycle to work

Cycling to work not only keeps your carbon footprint small but also improves your health.

For both health and sustainability reasons, try to carpool or take the bus to work.

This makes it easier to reduce your carbon footprint since you're not driving a car and burning fossil fuels. If you don’t have to drive to work, try to bike or walk some of the way.

Hire a Sustainability Consultant

If you want to make your office more sustainable, it makes sense to hire a sustainability consultant. These professionals can help you make the right choices when it comes to the design and implementation of your office.

From choosing the right office furniture to installing lighting fixtures that track their energy use, a consultant can help you make your office eco-friendly.

And if you're interested in learning how your facility can be more sustainable, a consultant can come to you. No need to spend your lunch break on a sustainability quest.


There are many ways to make your office more sustainable, from switching to LED lights and installing a programmable thermostat, to encouraging your employees to go digital at home. The key is to make small adjustments that add up over time.

Eco-consciousness starts with you - make small changes to encourage your employees to be more eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint in the office.

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