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Where Has All of the Time Gone? 8 Tips for Saving Time at Work

Keep a Clock Handy

This may sound a bit too obvious but keeping a clock within view is one of the easiest ways to stay on schedule. We may forget to wear our watch that morning or cell phone may have unexpectedly run out of battery, so having an easily visible clock within sight is key.

Set alarms or timers for periods at a time.

Setting alarms for 15 or 45 minutes at a time, allows us to focus 100% on a specific task and be able to also take adequate breaks. This ensures we stay on track and not feel like we've "wasted" the entire work day.

Prepare a To-Do-List

Organizing your tasks starting with the most important gives you a roadmap for the work day. Be sure to check off your completed work throughout the day. Not only does this provide a boost of confidence but it helps you gauge your actual productivity and effectiveness for future days.

Avoid distractions

We have all been either a  witness of working on a project and being stopped on our tracks unexpectedly or have been guilty of disrupting someone else's workflow. Either way, work was interrupted. To make the most of your day, and of others', be sure to set slots of focused work time and do your best to stick to them. While distractions may never be entirely avoided, we can all certainly do our part in minimizing them.

Maintain an organized workspace

Knowing where things are and keeping your work area tidy will help save you time throughout the day and avoid disrupting your workflow.

Set time aside during the week to simply clear clutter, trash, and anything that can be recycled or put away. It pays to be organized!

Delegate tasks when possible

When you "divide and conquer" you optimize productivity, reduce stress and make sure tasks are completed in a timely manner. Know when and with whom it will be beneficial to split your work and communicate effectively to make sure everyone involved is on the same page.

Be on the side of Solution

Mishaps will happen in any business setting. Once you're caught off-guard, do your best to shift your focus toward solving the situation at hand. The less time we spend reacting  to a problem, the quicker we can be proactive in overcoming it. This will always save you time in the end.

Stay in the present moment

Have you ever sat at your desk, stared into your monitor or screen and realized for a few seconds your mind drifted elsewhere? We've been there. The best way to combat this "glitch" in our workflow is to remain fully aware of what and how you are doing anything and everything. Less time wandering, less time wondering at the end of the day "Where has all the time gone?"

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