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Cyber Security Awareness

Why Have Antivirus Protection?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, however keeping your computers and software at their optimal protection is imperative all year round.

With the constant use of the internet, being exposed to dangers online is unfortunately inevitable. Fighting back against Malware, or “malicious software”, includes detecting and removing viruses, spyware, or worms whose purpose is to install themselves into your computer, waiting to strike. Some of the damage caused includes the corruption of files, loss of personal data and in some cases, system crashing.

Viruses come in all shapes and sizes. While some have simpler makeup and are easier to detect, complex viruses pose greater threats. Just as viruses in the natural world, computer Viruses self-replicate and spread by inserting their code into other programs. Hence the importance of having a powerful AntiVirus in place that can detect, delete and prevent viruses from causing more damage or any at all.

The worst type of damage that can occur to a computer happens when the malware fully gains control over you OS (operating system). At this stage, the data loss and corruption of system files is maximized. This would require a full system restore, with full file recovery not being a guarantee.

What To Look Out For?

As technology advances, hackers acquire new tools as well to carry out their malicious incentives. Their methods become more streamlined and difficult to recognize. One common strategy is through Email Phishing. Hidden links or even ones that seem legitimate, can all lead to a direct virus download. Your Email Spam folder does its best to catch these emails before hand, yet some can still bypass these security measures and land in your Inbox.

For this reason, it is important to be extra diligent when revising your Inbox. If you feel the source of the email looks “phishy” or are unfamiliar with the Sender, do not be quick to click on any links until you are sure of their origin. Some phishing emails are so eloquently fabricated that their overall appearance and content appears to be safe at first sight, acting as a trusted source. These email attempts are known as “Spear Phishing” and pose a highly effective threat.

The Internet is a vast place filled with streaming information and prompts. Every Internet Browser provides options for blocking automatic pop-ups and prompting you when trying to access an Unsecured Website. Enabling these security settings provides you with one more defense tactic. Take these prompts seriously and reconsider visiting untrusted sites.

What Solutions Can Be Implemented?

“Better safe than sorry” really does apply when deciding to install an Antivirus. With the variety of methods used by hackers in their attempt to damage and steal your valuable property and information, it is best to become aware of all of the different solutions and resources available to you to fight back against cyber attacks.

Protect your Online and Offline Accounts with Strong Passwords

We start by protecting your personal accounts and access to your computer programs such as Passwords used, authentication and encryption. When communicating through certain platforms, do not send important personal or financial information unless the program is encrypted. This includes Email messages as well. You can send a secure Email message that requires a password provided only to the Receiver in order to unlock and open it. Password protected documents provide an extra security measure.

When creating passwords for your devices and software, be sure to make them complex and even set dates to change them after a prolonged period of time, every 3 or 6 months for example. Very strong passwords are those that consist of 10 or more characters, use both upper and lower cases, and a wide variety of allowable numbers and symbols. Avoiding the use of common words is key in creating an effective passwords.

We understand keeping track of many passwords and accounts can be overwhelming. For this, we recommend using an Encrypted Password Manager. This type of software is inexpensive yet highly beneficial. You can safely store Login information as well as payment methods and personal identification data. Such managing software will also include an automatic password Generator saving you the often dreaded task of having to come up with a strong, unique and working password each time on your own. By using an Encrypted Password Manager, you can rest assured that your personal and professional information will be secure and readily accessible when you need it. You need only ensure to create a Very Strong main password for this Software and one only you know.

Install a strong Antivirus on every computer in and outside of your Network

Unfortunately, businesses and their data are among the most frequently affected and at a constant risk of cyber attacks. Hackers know that most businesses contain multiple devices through a shared network and most likely store a vast amount of data, including financial information. Hence, computer and software protection is vital for maintaining a secure and functioning workspace.

We recommend implementing a resilient computer Antivirus software such as the #1 rated VIPRE Antivirus software that detects and deletes every single threat and prevents any of them from ever reaching the CPU and collecting any of your personal data.

Features and Benefits of VIPRE Antivirus

The Vipre Antivirus suite is considered by many to be one of the best on offer in today’s market.

  • Real-time protection

  • Antivirus protection

  • Email Security

  • Firewall

  • Anti-Spam protection

  • Cloud-enabled security

  • File shredder

  • Remote device scanning

  • Scheduled background scanning

  • MX-VTM Advanced Malware Behaviour Analysis

  • USB scanning upon insertion

  • History eraser

  • Secure file eraser

  • Minimal CPU usage

  • Fast system scan

  • Windows 10 compatible

  • Free U.S.-based support

  • User-friendly interface

With cutting edge features and a truly hassle free user experience, VIPRE is easily amongst the best out of all Anti-Virus programs available today holding a 5 Star CNET (Computer Network) Editors Rating.

Contact us or visit to learn about how you too can protect your work environment with a top rated AntiVirus Software, available for both personal and professional use.

Here's to a safer browsing, sharing and safeguarding experience!

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