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Plotter LUCIA Ink Technology

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

As the market for large-format printing grows, so does the demand for higher image quality. The graphics art market includes printing photo art as well as advertisement and product posters. The CAD market generates Computer Assisted Design drawings, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), perspective prints and Point-of-Purchase (POP) advertising. A leader in the printing industry, Canon has enhanced its lineup to bring quality suitable for both of these markets.

Some of those enhancements include LUCIA PRO and LUCIA TD ink technology, two incredible achievements in the field. Suitable for printing graphics, LUCIA PRO ink comes in two PRO series models, one that uses 12-colors to achieve the highest possible photo quality and another using 8-colors to achieve improved productivity while yielding high quality images. Canon uses microencapsulation, which refers to covering the surface of colorant particles with a polymer. Unlike conventional ink, pigment particles are scattered and the reflection of light is not uniform. With LUCIA PRO ink, color is rich with an improved image clarity. The 12-color models uses Chroma Optimizer, a transparent ink that enhances the overall quality. On a printed image, the reflection of particular lighting will affect the color that is seen. Chroma Optimizer controls such lighting, maintaining vivid colors and deeper blacks, keeping the print as close as possible to the original.

LUCIA TD brings out the potential of the conventional 5-color dye and pigment ink when using inkjet plain paper. LUCIA TD uses a new type of matte black ink with high surface tension that reduces the amount that wet ink droplets spread when coming in contact with the paper surface. With this achievement, color maintains a higher quality while also preserving crisp lines and text. This proves it best when using plain inkjet paper. Vivid colors can be achieved with either coated inkjet or glossy paper. LUCIA TD ink uses an improved dispersant to enhance the reactivity between the pigment and components included in the paper. This ink provides a balance between bleed resistance, black density and water resistance not found in dye ink.

So whether you're an advertisement company looking for the highest-quality print possible, or an architect designing perspective prints, Canon's lineup features large-format inkjet printers suitable for both of these markets.

You can request additional information or visit us at to learn more about our different format printers and what equipment would be best suitable for your type of business.

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