• Gap Free ring design - pages won't fall out
  • Wider panels - dividers won't stick out
  • 4 pockets for convenient storage
  • One Touch EZD locking rings
  • Customize front cover and spine



Heavy-duty binder is built for extended use. Clear cover and spine allow easy customization. Four clear interior pockets offer extra storage. Wider front and back binder panels fully cover standard dividers and sheet protectors. One Touch EZD locking rings open with ease and keep letter-size pages secure. EZD rings have a higher page capacity compared to same-size slant and round rings. Gap Free ring feature prevents gapping and misalignment of rings. Pages lie flat with back-mounted rings. Binder is made of heavy-duty poly. Nonstick material won't lift ink or toner off printed pages.

Avery Heavy-Duty View Binder w/Locking EZD Rings 1" Cap Chartreuse

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$9.99Sale Price
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