Benefits of Vipre Antivirus

A Q1 (Quarter 1) report by Kindsight Security Labs revealed some disturbing trends in the security sector, stating that roughly 13% of home networks in North America were infected. In addition, malware attributed to ‘DNSChanger’ (an Internet service that converts user-friendly domain names into the numerical IP addresses that computers use to talk to each other) was on the rise in alarming quantities, to the point where 1 in 400 households were affected by it. In addition, the ‘ZeroAccess’ botnet continued to grow significantly, to the point where it infected 1 in 200 households.

Today, more than ever, there is a severe need for everyone to have a competent, efficient antivirus program installed on their computer, especially if the computer in question is running a Microsoft operating system, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and so forth, since their wide spread prevalence and usage throughout the world has led to a situation where a vast majority of virus and malware programs are purpose designed to infect them.

More than that, we have reached a point where careful internet browsing (a main-stay in the long standing argument for those who think shelling out money for an anti-virus program is a frivolous expense) is just no longer an option, as the various, high profile take-overs of internet services in 2011 (such as the long winded drama of the takeover of the Play Station Network, amongst others) has shown.

Viruses and malware are no longer basement industries, as the Stuxnet computer worm of 2010 (where the program was discovered lurking in the databanks of Iranian nuclear facilities) has shown. In short, today a person’s computer can be infected not only from shady, obviously virus ridden websites, but instead from trusted, reputable ones. The wide-spread prevalence of plug and play storage mediums doesn’t help either, since (not statistically, but it sure seems like it) almost everyone’s USB drive has at least one virus in it.

The answer, as usual, is laughably simple: Get an anti-virus.

Today you have a bewildering number of programs on offer, all of which promise a secure browsing experience. These range from free trials (where the program blocks off certain features, or is only available for a certain time frame), to free software’s like Microsoft Security Essentials to traditional anti-virus programs which cost money to buy.

Amongst these is a diverse set of antivirus programs by Vipre, each unique in that they offer features and performance for different type of users. Of these, perhaps the most impressive (in terms of features offered and performance for the price) is Vipre Antivirus. A product made by one of the most eclectic software houses in the world, Sunbelt Software (acquired by GFI Software in 2010), and carrying West Coast Labs, ICSA and the AV-Test certification, the Vipre Antivirus suite is considered by many to be one of the best on offer in today’s market.

This includes, chiefly, efficient and effective anti-spyware protection, as well as the devastatingly effective anti-virus protection that is a hallmark of most paid anti-virus programs and indeed of the entire Vipre suite of security software’s. Real-time protection is also present, as is email antivirus protection and remote device scanning (meaning you can set a schedule for when scans should be run and the program will run it in the background). This last feature is especially helpful, since it removes much of the hassle of having an antivirus program installed in your computer.

These features will cater to most computer users and covers the basics (and then some) of what would be required by them. However, most other antivirus programs also offer these features, so what is it that truly sets Vipre Antivirus apart from them? Another benefit is VIPRE/GFI always offer discounts on there products such as VIPRE Antivirus.

To start with, it is the only antivirus program that offers all of these features in one, unified suite, as well as being the only program in the world (as of the time of this article) that offers MX-VTM Advanced Malware Behaviour Analysis, as well as being one of the only suites available today that offers USB scanning on insertion (which removes much of the hassle of manually scanning).

This is still not the crowning achievement of Vipre Antivirus. What sets it apart from all other antivirus programs is its almost negligible effect on CPU usage, especially during System Idle (0.17% compared to a 0.23% usage of the nearest competitor, some programs hog up as much as 5 times the computing power) and an equally tiny usage of System Memory (628MB, 16MB less than the closest competitor). What all of this means for the average PC user is that, in real life usage and under normal circumstances, Vipre Antivirus won’t take up as much computing muscle from their machine, which translates into a smoother and less frustrating experience.

Something else that will decrease frustration and lead to a smoother experience is the fact that Vipre Antivirus  looks marvelous, with a beautiful, simple and incredibly intuitive user interface, that is easily amongst (if not the) best out of all the programs available today. Adding to all of this is the fact the Vipre Antivirus  packs in a lot of extra features, features that almost every PC user will appreciate. These include a history eraser (one that is so good it could be marketed as a stand-alone product) and a secure file eraser, which makes recovering deleted files impossible (handy for when you need it).

In the end, Vipre Antivirus  is amongst the best programs one can buy today, mating a gorgeous interface with cutting edge features and a truly hassle free user experience. This, amongst other reasons is why Vipre Antivirus  holds a 5 star CNET Editors Rating.