Home Office Equipment for Maximum Productivity.

The workforce is making it's way to a more home-based operation, businesses are becoming more virtual. Regardless of the outcome or the time it takes for a sense of normalcy, preparation is key.


The all-in-one package covers all your home office needs. Included are all office-based equipment catered to a home-office area. Small yet, powerful printers with copy, print, scanning and e-faxing abilities (separates service required for e-fax), PC Towers or Laptops, I.P. Phones with the ability to connect your service to your smartphone, Superior Anti-virus and Virtual Private Network (VPN) options. All you need is an internet connection, we will handle the rest.

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Home Office Service

at a Low Monthly Cost.

Transferring equipment to your home? We can assist in the installation process and maintain all your devices for the duration needed. With all the changes, it's difficult having to learn how to operate in a different manner than what you have been accustomed to. Complete Office can help speed up the process in setting up the best possible work environment catered to your specific needs.

Packages include Service and Maintenance to Laser Copiers and Printers (excluding inkjet) of most major brands, Computer or Laptop Operating System (OS) Maintenance (excluding hardware), Anti-virus protection, I.P. Phone service with Phone device included and Mobile Extension Software for easier calling operation.

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