5 Useful Things Your Copier Can Do

We are all familiar with a photocopy machine and its basic functions. It can copy and print in black & white or color. Yet, over the years as technology has advanced, so have its functionalities. These are 5 things your copier can do that you might not have been aware of. Please note that some of these features exist only in the recent models after 2010 and are not set by default. They also may require an additional service, but are worth noting.


Although faxes did not become popular in American business until the late 1980's, faxing technology has existed since the mid 1800's. It all started with Scottish inventor Alexander Bain. Fast forward to today and it seems as though the traditional form of sending a Fax has become obsolete for many. This is considering the new and efficient way of transmitting documents via Email. That is until E-Faxing was introduced. The difference between today's faxing versus e-faxing is how it processes to its destination. Typically, you would need an additional phone line connected to your copier in order to receive a fax. In today's copiers, all that is required is that your machine or device be connected to the Internet. Through this method, instead of receiving a faxed printed on paper, the E-Fax document will appear inside an inbox of an email address of your choice. Not only will you save paper but also the need to walk over to your copier each time.


The ability to Scan photos and documents directly to Email is becoming increasingly popular. Even older copier models come equipped with the ability to scan documents to your desktop. However, in order to reduce the number of steps required to send a document electronically after being scanned, scan-to-email was introduced. Its function is in the name. You enter the recipient's email address on your copier's display and use the main copy button to send your document. And Voila! Your document is on its way. Although this is a simple process, there is a required Set Up prior to enabling this useful feature. So be sure to ask your installing technician about Scanning to Email to make the most of your copier.


Copiers are massive machines and require a lot of power to operate. This can take a hefty toll on things like your light bill every month. Manufacturers realized this and implemented an eco-mode setting in your printer in order to help minimize its power consumption. It offers different options like an Auto Power Shut-Off Timer which automatically powers off your copier while not in use. Preheat Mode can set your machine to a low power state and become fully operational in less than half the time it would normally take to boot-up. These functions are similar to that of a laptop when it is set to Sleep, Hibernate and Shutdown.

User Authentication We all know that coworker that has a bit too much fun with the photocopier, printing and making excess copies either for personal use or simply entertainment. Let’s call him Jerry. Yes, we see you Jerry. Thankfully manufacturers are aware of this type of end user and implemented the “Jerry Blocker” or in a more professional term, "User Authentication". This allows the copier to operate only when a specific passcode is provided. With this feature, you have the power of restricting full use, setting daily limits and keeping track of the number of prints and copies made via meter counts. These measures give you more control over staff actions and may save on monthly operation costs. In other words, Jerry will have to find other forms of entertainment.

Mobile Printing

In today’s world, smart devices have become an extension of our lives. Most of us do a significant amount of work using our smartphones and can appreciate being able to send documents to print directly from our mobile devices, or Mobile Printing. With features exclusive to each operating system, such as Google Cloud Print™ for Android™ OS and Apple® Airprint®, to name a few. Manufacturers also offer applications of their own with additional services compatible with your printer.

As technology evolves, so do our devices. Full App stores are making their way into copier technology so that you can utilize services such as cloud storage, document readers and viewing emails. With these types of integrations, you can empower your business in many ways and enhance your workflow. At Complete Office, we can help increase your productivity by pairing your specific business needs with today’s impactful office technology. Visit us at www.completeoffice.co.

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