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Save money with our Copier Rental Options

You'll get:

Parts and Labor included

Support during normal business hours

Replaceable machine at no additional cost to you

Similar to computers, the multi-functional photocopier is also one of the most essential devices in an office. From providing important documents to scanning files, this machine is certainly one that most businesses rely on. Unfortunately, it is also notorious for breaking down often. 

Copiers run on countless moving parts and ultimately, mechanical breakage is inevitable, which will surely lead to added expenses of parts and service. This is why at Complete Office we offer an all-inclusive Rental Program.


When you rent one of our certified-refurbished or brand new state-of-the-art machines,  we will cover all parts, supplies and labor. We will also replace the rented machine if it breaks down beyond repair. For as long as the machine is in your office, we’ve got you covered.


We also offer extended services through our Computer Connectivity Program (CCP) which can be added to any Rental Agreement. With added CCP coverage, functions such as computer-to-copier connection and file-to-email scanning would be ensured. However, coverage under CCP does not include existing network issues not related to copiers, routers, modems, hard-wiring, and/or computer hardware. 


Imagine no longer having to pay for ongoing service and costly parts every time your machine requires maintenance. With our Complete Office Rental program, you can rest assure your Copier will be in good hands and have peace of mind for your office. 


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