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Lease a state-of-the-art multi-function copier.

Copiers have become a necessity in almost any office. At the same time, are an expense no one really wants to have. It's understandable to want to pay the least possible for an equipment that you have to have. But cutting costs on a crucial machinery is no different than buying a used car that has seen plenty of miles. These will come with their set of problems and in the end, will cost you more. 

Copier & Multifunction Printer Leasing Options

Leasing a new copy machine will bring more benefits in the long run like:

  • Enhanced productivity

  • The latest in office technology

  • Savings in service costs

  • Manufacturer support

Purchasing used equipment although less expensive at the time of purchase, is actually less cost efficient. Potential mechanical breakage can bring your work operation to a halt. Your business should never suffer downtime due to an outdated copier. Leasing a copier is attainable through our program. No credit checks are necessary. We offer solutions that work within your desired timeline and budget.

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