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Tips for Successful Video Calling & Conferencing

Updated: Oct 23, 2020


Video Calling and remote conferencing may have been a topic for just some in the past, yet considering recent events and ongoing social challenges, this mode of communication has spread just as quickly as its catalyst. No matter what the circumstances, society has quickly adapted and found ways of connecting with one another. Technology and creativity have been at the forefront of communication in 2020. Video calls and virtual conferences have been naturally threaded into the massive web of social interaction.

Set the Stage

Preparation is key both in person or remotely, in one-on-one and larger group meetings. Properly setting the stage for video or conference call is will largely determine its success.

List of key points to consider:

  • Check for a good Internet Connection

  • Keep devices charged and software up to date

  • Establish good lighting between the camera and subject (in most cases yourself). Avoid placing the light source behind you.

  • Keep surrounding noise levels at a minimum.

  • Dress properly for the occasion. (Yes, this means wearing pants too!)

  • Practice Video On/Off, and Audio On/Off beforehand.

Know your content

Communication is an art and is most effective when practiced and performed with some level of thoughtful planning. This will maximize the effectiveness of its execution.

Write down topics beforehand.

  • Knowing what to say on a simple outline will keep you on track

  • The clock is always ticking, and every minute invested in a conversation cannot be regained. Make every second count.

Do a self-evaluation

  • How you are feeling, and your current mood can come through in any setting or conversation. Virtual experiences are no exception.

  • Practice by looking and even smiling into the mirror to help being your best face forward. Even if your call takes on a primarily serious tone, your message is more likely to get across to your listener(s) if they feel comfortable and engaged.


  • Once you are live and in clear view, there is just one thing to focus on: Just do it! Take a deep breath of you must and dive in with confidence.

  • Trust your preparation but be flexible enough to accept changes or unexpected turns during your call or conference. Technical issues and random surprises are still a part of normal life. “Going with the flow” in these situations will be your best bet.

  • Keep track of time. The saying “time sure flies” applies just as much in a virtual conversation as it does in person. It is easy to lose sight of the clock when we are zeroed in on a screen and dealing with the new or foreign elements that come with remote communication. Make every second count!

Be courteous, clear, and concise. These 3 “C’s” will ensure a great flow and overall quality of your virtual experience.

Courteous: Our facial expressions are the center spotlight on a video call. If we happen to currently be in a bad mood or portraying a poor attitude, it will certainly come across. Our voice may also be heard or received at a lower frequency than intended. To compensate for this, project your voice while keeping a courteous tone. It is also Important to note that an essential part of being courteous is also knowing when and how to be a good listener through active listening and avoiding interruptions.

Clear: Often the message we put out is not the same message that is received. Humans by nature communicate and interpret ideas in different ways largely based on their own experience and perception of life. Keeping your topics, ideas, and viewpoints as clear and honest as possible leaves less room for doubt and confusion on the other end.


  • Be respectful of everyone’s time.

  • Focus on the most pressing matter at hand.

  • Use key words that will help you “say more in less time.”

  • Follow the outline you prepared prior to your call

  • Be a good listener. This saves time.

  • Do not be afraid of the “hang up”. You will know when the conversation or meeting is over. Give a clear “Goodbye”, or “Thank you, have a good day.”


  • Take a moment to analyze what went well and what could have gone better.

  • It is only by taking an honest look at our own performance that we can begin to make improvements.

  • Write down some of the points you may have missed and put together a follow-up email to communicate them in a timely manner.

  • Set a time frame for your next virtual encounter in advance and repeat the process all over again!

In a world that continues to evolve, it is in our best individual and collective interest to embrace the new methods of communication with one another. We can learn to make great use of all the technology and modes of staying connected available to us. There is no doubt that most, if not all these methods are here to stay. Complete Office can help meet your communication needs through its all-inclusive, user-friendly video conferencing software. Stream video and share content across a variety of devices.

Contact one of our Account Advisors to ask about our free 30-Day Trial and discover how your workflow can benefit from a versatile, streamlined and affordable virtual platform.

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