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Cover your machine with our Service Agreement Program

You'll get:

Parts and Labor included

Field and virtual support

Quick response time

Today’s photocopiers are more complex than ever, combining copying, printing and scanning functions. Most businesses rely highly on photocopiers. This is why it would be wise to have a Maintenance Agreement set in place for such a vital office device.

It is common practice to request service on a machine only at the time of breakage, but even the lowest quality brands can cost thousands of dollars a year in repairs. Our Service Agreement plans can provide you with the assurance that your equipment will be taken care of at a reasonable cost.


Complete Office will create a plan based on your usage and would make sure that your machine is functioning to its fullest capacity. We will cover all parts, labor and supplies, excluding paper. That’s an average of 40% in savings yearly for your office. There are no long term contracts or any hidden fees. You simply choose the service plan that’s right for you.


If you’d like to benefit from extended services through our Computer Connectivity Program (CCP), functions such as computer-to-copier connection and scanning would be covered under the program. However, coverage under CCP does not include existing network issues not related to copiers, routers, modems, hardwiring, and/or computer hardware.


No more paying for service estimates and costly parts in order to keep your machine running. With our Complete Office maintenance plans, you can rest assure your Copier will be in good hands and have peace of mind for your office. 

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